MUFON Meeting in Asheville September 27th

Kent Senter

Steve Hall



Join us for our Fall meeting in Asheville on September 27th, at the Hilton Asheville Biltmore Park, 43 Town Square Boulevard, Asheville, North Carolina 28803, from 1:00 to 5:00. We will have two speakers for this meeting.

Kent Senter, founding member of our NC MUFON chapter, will share his experiences as a Field Investigator, and how childhood events sparked his life-long curiosity about the UFO subject. He will also give an update on the recent MUFON Symposium, which he attended last month. Kent will have DVDs of the UAP Symposium he presented in Greensboro last summer. With Leslie Kean consulting, Kent brought together government officials, military officers, and top UFO researchers from several countries. His website is:

Steve Hall has 26 years as an experimental research scientist, in electric spacecraft propulsion and exotic power production fields. He is a USAF veteran, and worked 20 years with mentor, the late Charles A. Yost, who was an aeronautical engineer and NASA Hall of Fame inductee. Steve's interest in UFOs began in the 1970s, in his home state of Virginia, after witnessing an unknown object one night with his family. As a teenager, he met the late George Fawcett, NC MUFON State Director for many years, when he gave a UFO lecture at Lynchburg College. Steve's presentation is titled, “The Nuts-n-Bolts-n-Sparks of UFOs”. 

We will meet for dinner at 6:00, at Roux Restaurant, which is located in the hotel.

Please register for the meeting below. There will be a $10 admission fee for this meeting, to help cover the cost of the room. Admission will be taken at the door. You will receive a copy of the MUFON Journal with admission to the meeting. We will also have applications for NC MUFON Memberships, available for $20.

We hope to see you in Asheville, in September!

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