First, evaluate your current situation

pocket money Salary workers should evaluate their own risks before investing. For example, the test I asked to do before Ant Wealth bought the fund. The result is a growth type. The investment advice is: in the struggling period of life, in good financial condition, In advanced financial management, the requirements for investment liquidity are moderate, and it is suitable for investing in assets that have certain risks and can obtain higher returns in the long run. Everyone is at a different stage, their ability to bear risks is also different, and the funds available for financial management are also different,pocket money  and the principal and the rate of return will affect our financial returns.

Second, set financial goals

For salaried workers, the main source of funds is wages. The characteristics of wage income are that they are paid regularly every month, and the amount and time are relatively fixed, which can help us develop a good habit of fixed deposits.

We can divide our salary income into three parts: first, necessary expenses account for 50%; second, 20% is used for savings;

Third, 30% non-essential expenses.


20% of the savings are compulsory savings.We can set regular deductions on the day of salary payment and force self-saving. For example, I set up a dream financial plan on the day of salary payment, and automatically deduct 3,000 and transfer it to financial management. In this way, even if I did not deliberately save money that month, I have achieved my goal of saving money.

pocket money As a nine-to-five wage earner, the source of income is relatively stable. You can have a fixed amount of money for investment every month, but the time is relatively unfree, and many things you want to do cannot be done. At this time, we need to earn After taking the income from sleep, let us make our own money. In this way, even when we work overtime and sleep, we can get extra income.

So what channels of investment and financial management are there for wage earners?pocket money  Before understanding the investment and financial management channels, we should first evaluate our current situation, and then formulate financial management goals, so as to find the most suitable financial management investment portfolio.